Spotted Grass Frog

Spotted Grass Frog / Spotted Marsh Frog

We’ve seen these small frogs in our back garden on a number of occasions.  The distinctive yellow stripe down their back makes them easily identifiable.  This one has a bit of a kink in the stripe, but most have a fairly straight line from nose to tail.

As you would expect, we see more of them after it has rained, and we have found them in the fernery – probably due to the fish pond as well as the high level of watering ferns require.  According to our field guides, they are also found around dams.  Apparently their breeding season is from August to March, so that covers the entire period we have been here.  I wonder if we’ll notice a difference in their numbers over the next few months?

Spotted Grass Frog
The Spotted Grass Frog seem to be fairly common around here. We have a few which like to hang out int he fernery. .

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