Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Three Morning Visitors

Kangaroos make their presence known in various ways, even when you can’t physically see them – often with damage to plants in the garden.  This usually happens overnight, in the dark, when you don’t even get the pleasure of watching these beautiful creatures. So it was both surprising and pleasant to see three female Eastern Grey Kangaroos eating grass (instead of the garden) right outside the study window on Monday morning when I woke up.

Two of the kangaroos were small, and appeared very young.  The third female was larger in size, and obviously carrying a joey in her pouch.

As I took the photos, one of the young females saw me through the window, standing stock still to assess whether to flee or remain where she was. The other two were oblivious to my presence.  I backed off a little, and she crouched down to continue feeding on the new grass shoots we are seeing after recent rain.

Just before 9am, the three ‘roos called it a day, and retreated to the bushland to rest.  I’m happy to know they are still around.


Eastern Grey Kangaroo
In this photo, the soft rounded face  of the young Eastern Grey Kangaroos draws me in.
Eastern Grey Kangaroo
Thankfully, all three kangaroos were eating the grass – not destroying the garden.
Eastern Grey Kangaroo
One of the ‘roos saw me through the window. She seems to be both curious and on high alert.
Eastern Grey Kangaroo
These two females are physically smaller than the third kangaroo, and appear young.
Eastern Grey Kangaroo
The older and larger kangaroos seems to be carrying a joey.



4 thoughts on “Three Morning Visitors

    1. Thanks Jan, I knew they were around from all of the ‘roo poo’ – it seems we must have many more than three. However, these same three females have been near the house a few mornings this week. I love watching them. The two young ones are probably the siblings of the joey in the pouch from previous breeding seasons. I’m hoping that one morning I am up in time to see the very young joey popping it’s head out of the pouch. So far, no luck. Lisa

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