Eastern Grey Joey

Eastern Grey Kangaroos – Joey

I was very excited to see the younger of the two joeys out of the pouch a few mornings ago. I delayed posting photos in the hope I could get one which showed its head as well, but for the last three days, I haven’t seen any of the kangaroos.  So here it is – possibly suckling, as it stood in this position for five minutes or more.

Eastern Grey Joey
i watched the joey for a few minutes before I took these photos, and as soon as the camera clicked, the mother kangaroo bundled her joey into her pouch to protect it.


Eastern Grey Joey
This was the second time I had seen the young joey. The first occasion was just on dusk, halfway around the dam. Too far away to get a good photo.

This female kangaroo is our most constant visitor.  She is the same one who spied me through the window in this post.

The kangaroo mob keeps changing.  The highest number of kangaroos I have seen at one time on our property is five, but if I include the two joeys, there have been seven all-up.   Lately the mature female with the larger of the two joeys  (shown here) has not been visiting.  Perhaps she has gone to a more secluded place to keep her joey away from dogs and cars while it is learning how to be independent.  The larger male kangaroo rarely visits.

At the moment, our regular visitors are  the small male kangaroo which made his first appearance a month ago, along with two females – the mother and joey shown above and a smaller female kangaroo.

Eastern Grey Kangaroos
Over the last few weeks, these three kangaroos have been frequent visitors., but they are not here every day.

The younger female is so small, my guess is that she would have been in a pouch not so long ago.

Eastern Grey Kangaroo
I’m not 100% sure, but I think this kangaroo is a recent addition to our mob. A smaller female visited us a few months ago, but I don’t think it is the same kangaroo.

The young male kangaroo is much more relaxed now that he has become accustomed to our routines.  He seems quite attached to the female with the joey. Sometimes they seem joined at the hip.

Young Pair of  Eastern Greys
Often these two kangaroos are quite close together, with the others further afield.

One morning, I came across what I thought were two kangaroos in the bushland part of our property.  Suddenly there were three kangaroos.  When I loaded the photos onto the computer, I saw that the male had been laying down, having a rest.

Eastern Grey Kangaroos
Initially, I expected the ‘roos to run away when they saw me, but they just stood and stared. I noticed later on that the male was laying in the sun. I’d disturbed their rest.


Eastern Grey  Kangaroos
The click of the camera seems to disturb them. As soon as I had taken the first photo, the male kangaroos shot to its feet, and stood watch. They all stayed where they were, watching me walk by. Face to face they all seem larger than when I view them from my window.

I’m sure they are not far away, but I haven’t seen the mob for a few days.  I hope that when they next visit,  I can see the young joey hopping around.

3 thoughts on “Eastern Grey Kangaroos – Joey

    1. Thanks Alastair. Yes, I like it too – the joey’s body is sleek, almost greyhound like. I just wanted to get some photos of it hopping around as well. The first time I saw it from a distance, it was literally racing around and around its mother, then would rush up to her and almost giver her a hug, then hop madly around in circles again. One day I hope I can capture this exuberance in a few photos, although it would be better suited to video.

      No kangaroos here again this morning, so I’ll just have to be patient!


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