Blue Stars
These brilliant blue flowers were plentiful in September and October.

I photographed Blue Stars in September 2013, but when I look back at  2012 photographs,  I have included it in the October Wildflowers series.  In any case, we seemed to plenty of them in Spring, and they did flower across both months.

Initially I thought this might be a member of the Lily family,  but the scientific classification puts it under the Asparagaceae family. I don’t know if that means it is related to asparagus or not!   In any case, I would much prefer to look at the flowers than eat them!

The Koorie name for Blue Stars is Mudrurt, and it is also known as Blue Squill.  The leaves are grass-like, and we primarily found them growing in grassed areas.  The plant is approximately 10 to 15 cm high, so while they are pretty, the flowers are not large.