Scarlet Robin

Scarlet Robin

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a photo of a bird to be added to the Species List.  Yesterday I saw two species I had not noticed here before, but I only managed to capture photographs of the Scarlet Robin.  The second sighting was a group of small birds which were probably Red-Browed Finch, but to be certain of this, I need to see them again.

The Scarlet Robin is apparently abundant in our area this year. Local people keep asking me if I’ve seen one, and until now I’ve had to say “No. We don’t have any at our place.”  Well, now we do!

These Robins are known to sit in low branches, on fences, and other low objects so they can easily swoop onto an insect crawling along the ground. So, it’s hard to say if this little one is on the bird feeder looking for seeds, or if it was just another conveniently sized resting place.

Hopefully, I’ll see a few more Scarlet Robins before the Winter is out. It is a very pretty bird.


Scarlet Robin
The colour of this Robin’s breast is a beautiful flame orange colour.
Scarlet Robin
Perhaps this bird was only using the bird feeder as a convenient platform to scan for food?
Scarlet Robin
From the back, the white markings on the wings are quite distinctive.


Let me know what you think!

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