Kookaburra in Winter Sun

Finally, after many frustrating attempts, I have a good photograph of a kookaburra!  This one was sitting in the cool afternoon sun.  Last night our temperature approached zero degrees Celsius, and it was already very cool when I took this shot.

Soaking up the sun on a chilly afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Kookaburra in Winter Sun

    1. Thank you! The kookaburras have been constantly present, but from the time we moved in until just recently, seem to show up around dusk when the light is bad. Over the last month or so, this kookaburra and a mate seem to have decided to stay near the house most of the day. I now see them digging up moss (not sure why – either for food or nesting material I guess) sitting in trees and gliding over the dam. Hopefully I can take a few more photos of them doing these things. Lisa

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