Common Bronzewing Pigeon 2

Common Bronzewing Pigeons Return

A pair of Common Bronzewing Pigeons have started to turn up to the bird feeder each day.  Toward the end of Winter last year, we had a pair of bronzewings turn up occasionally, so perhaps it is the same two birds?

This time, they’re not just showing up once or twice a day.  I come across them when I go for my morning walk, and they appear to hang around the house and the dam most of the day.  I guess food is harder to find in the Winter months, and birdseed a welcome supplement to their natural food supply.  We only put out a small amount of seed each day, and when it is gone, that’s it until tomorrow.  This means that all of the birds must find most of their food themselves, ensuring they get a balanced diet.

Given the Crimson Rosellas are our most regular visitors to the bird feeder, they seem to assume ownership of the bird seed, except when the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos discover it and take over.  I assumed that the Crimson Rosellas would boss the pigeons around, but just the opposite is happening.  One pigeon can fend off a number of Rosellas simply by raising a wing.  It looks rather funny – as if the bird is making hand signals.  As a Rosella approaches, the pigeon raises one wing to block off the landing position, and the Rosella flies to the other feeder, or the ground – searching for crumbs.   The pigeons have the knack of turning just at the right moment, or flashing an ‘elbow’ as a warning, or sometimes fully extending the wing into the air.

Of course the Crimson Rosellas are persistent, and they do manage to get their fair share of seed.  Usually the two pigeons end up on one bird feeder and the Crimson Rosellas on the other.

Enjoy the photos.

Common Bronzewing Pigeon
The light reflects off the wing feathers of the Common Bronzewing Pigeon, making it easy to see how they were named.
Common Bronzewing Pigeon 2
The pigeon raises a wing to fend off the Crimson Rosellas. The underside of the wing is also a beautiful bronze colour.
Common Bronzewing Pigeon 3
From some angles, the wing feathers reflect a beautiful green colour too.
Common Bronzewing Pigeon
At the back of our dam, on the walking track, the two pigeons were very reluctant to move out of my way. They made it clear they were intent on staying exactly where they were, until I took just one step too many… and then they flew into a nearby tree.


5 thoughts on “Common Bronzewing Pigeons Return

    1. That’s interesting to know. Thanks! I’ve never seen that action before, and it kept me entertained for a few days – especially when it was a half raised wing, and it looked like it was elbowing the other birds out of the way. Lisa

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