Stormy Night Sunset

Colourful Skies: Rainbows, Sunrises and Sunsets

Over the last two weeks, we’ve had changeable weather, resulting in some very colourful skies.  Enjoy these photos of a mid afternoon rainbow, stormy sunset sky, and a ‘red sky in the morning’ sunrise.

Although faint, the rainbow is clearly visible through the tree.
Rainbow 2
I was lucky to photograph this rainbow, which only lasted for a few minutes.
Clear Night Sunset
The night following the rainbow, a clear sky produced a beautiful sunset.
Clear Night Sunset
The pink-mauve of a clear night sunset is always inspiring as everything is bathed in a mauve glow.
Stormy Night Sunset
An orange glow, and strong wind produces spectacularly lit cloud banks.
Stormy Night Sunset
This photo was taken only seconds after the previous photo, and you can see how much the clouds have moved.
Stormy Night Sunset
This photo reminds me of the ‘Old Master’ oil paintings I see hanging in galleries.
Red Sunrise 1
This morning the sky was clear, but this brilliant red sunrise foretold the clouds that would gather midday, and the strong stormy winds that followed..
Stormy Night Sunset
Looking in the opposite direction, the sky is still colourful, but less dramatic.
Red Sunrise
I wish I could have capture the true colour of the sky. It was even redder than it appears in this photo.
Red sunrise
The glow of the sky reflects on the surface of the dam.

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