Tonight’s Colours

For a few fleeting moments, tonight’s sunset lit up a group of trees in glorious colours.  I always love the colour of the bark when it turns a deep terracotta. You can see where the birds and small mammals clutch the bark to climb up and down.  Also, the trees in the background look almost … Continue reading Tonight’s Colours

Colourful Skies: Rainbows, Sunrises and Sunsets

Over the last two weeks, we’ve had changeable weather, resulting in some very colourful skies.  Enjoy these photos of a mid afternoon rainbow, stormy sunset sky, and a ‘red sky in the morning’ sunrise.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting – Momentarily Glorious

Momentarily Glorious … I wonder at the promise of a parched sandy landscape and one tiny orchid leaf waiting for rain to unfurl sensuous silken blooms … the fleeting moments of a violet sky calling corella flocks to roost somewhere other than here trailing sounds of raucous joy from North to South then silence until … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting – Momentarily Glorious

Sunset through the trees

Even after two months here, I am still marvelling at the beauty of the land around our house, and the wildlife it attracts.  Mid-Spring means fewer grey skies, and more colourful sunsets.  Last night I was about to cook dinner when I noticesd the vivid colours – dinner was put on hold while I took … Continue reading Sunset through the trees