One small patch of orchid leaves from this morning’s walk.

On my walk around the property this morning, I noticed many species of plants sending up new growth.  Among them were patches of orchid leaves.   The photograph above shows Small Mosquito Orchid leaves, Waxlip Orchid leaves and possibly a Helmet Orchid leaf.   In other places, many species of Greenhood are establishing colonies, the Gnat Orchid leaves are in abundance and the odd patch of Slaty Helmet Orchid leaves are beginning to emerge.

I was pleased to find a few Spider Orchid leaves this morning, as well as some Large Duck Orchid leaves.   If the wildlife don’t eat them, we should have an interesting season ahead of us.

An Echidna or two has been digging up ground around the Duck Orchid leaves, so I just hope it doesn’t disturb them too much.  There are ant nests nearby, so I have fingers crossed it is digging for ants, not the orchids.

We’re mostly in a waiting period at the moment. In May, we had Mosquito Orchids and Tiny Greenhoods flowering, but these are almost finished flowering now.  I will post a few photos during the week of both species.  Some of the Gnat Orchid leaves have tiny buds forming, but none of them are in flower yet.

Nodding Greenhood-bud-about-to-open
Nodding Greenhoods are just beginning to flower. This bud will open in a day or two.

The first few Nodding Greenhoods are just raising their heads. Here is a photo of one I found today.  As you can see from the background of the photograph, there are others in this colony about to flower soon too. The Blunt Greenhood colonies which flowered last year has set leaves, so I am expecting these will begin to send up buds before too long.  As for the other species of Greenhood, I will have to wait and see – they tend to show as single flowers dotted here and there and are often difficult to find.

I love this time of year. I think it is when the bushland is at its best in many ways.  If you love wild flowers, keep an eye on the blog as other plants are sending up leaves and buds too. Photographs of these are coming soon!