Common Beard-Heath

Common Beard-heath Leucopogon virgatus (Labill.) R. Br.

With tiny flowers, hardly more than 2 mm across when fully open, I was lucky to see the Common Beard-Heath, let alone photograph it clearly without a macro lens.  This is my first effort at capturing the fluffy petals (with the assistance of Photoshop to enlarge the flower).  Today is a clear sunny day, so I may have another attempt later on this morning.

We have a few of these plants – probably more than I have noticed – and I found this particular one growing right in the middle of the walking track which loops around our property.  The tiny speck of white caught my eye when I was looking for orchid leaves.  This particular plant was about 10 cm high, but according to my field guides, plants can grow to 45 cm high.   All of the field guides I consulted tell me that the Common Beard-Heath is relatively widespread and is not a threatened plant species.

That is all I can tell you about it – other than theVicVeg Plant Species website suggests it is one of the last plants to choose when attempting to revegetate a bushland area as it is difficult to grow.

Common Beard-Heath
The pink-tinged buds and fluffy white flowers are quite striking – but so very tiny.

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