How Gorgeous! Joey Antics Outside My Window.

About twelve hours after I posted the photos of our kangaroo mob, lamenting that they had not visited for days, they all showed up.  This included the mature female with the older joey.  For some reason they showed up at noon – almost on the dot.  As a habit, the kangaroos are gone before 9am and don’t return until after 5pm, so it was highly unusual to see the whole mob looking so relaxed for the entire afternoon.

For five hours I watched for signs that the joeys might come out of the pouch.  I saw tantalizing glimpses of ears, tails, feet – even an entire hind leg, but no joey.  Then, just on dusk, my patience was rewarded.  One of the joeys emerged from the pouch right in front of the study window.

These photos tell the story more powerfully than any words I can use, so open the photo gallery and scroll through to the end. The first seven photos are the tantalizing moments leading up to the joey’s antics, and the next seven photos are of the joey.  Annotations below the photos fill in some extra detail.  I took some video footage as well, but I need to reformat and edit this before posting it on the blog.

Once again, if you receive this post via email, come to the blog and view the photos in full screen mode for the best experience.

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