Eastern Spinebill

A Taste of Honey – the Eastern Spinebill is back

Our new, larger, laundry window has proved useful in observing this honeyeater feed.  Last year, I photographed the Red Wattle Bird feeding on this cactus in flower, but the cat netting prevents the larger birds from coming into our back yard now.  Small birds, such as this Eastern Spinebill, sneak through the openings on the trellis fence, and it is a joy to see them feeding.   The Eastern Spinebills have been absent for a few months, so it was great to see them back.

Eastern Spinebill
The various colours of the bird’s plumage can be clearly seen in this photo.
Eastern Spinebill
Side on, the long curved beak and throat markings are prominent
Eastern Spinebill
The Spinebill was curious about the clicking noise of the camera, but not frightened.
Eastern Spinebill
The long flowers of the cactus are just perfect for this bird.
Eastern Spinebill
Last year, I took a photograph of an Eastern Spinebill with a yellow head from pollen. This is obviously how the pollen got there…!


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