Gardening in the hot Summer weather can spring a few surprises on those who are not paying attention… like the odd reptile sheltering in the weeds.  Luckily for me, it wasn’t a snake.  Also, fortunately, I had come across two Jacky Dragon’s previously – thanks to the cats – so I had already researched them, and knew they were harmless.  Jacky Dragons freeze and try to blend into the background when they are threatened, so it wasn’t until I pulled out a weed, just that bit too close, that it moved.  So did I. Backwards at quite a pace until I had worked out which species was  living in among my geraniums.

The Jacky Dragon was kind enough to freeze for sufficient time to allow me to get the camera from the house and take some photographs. It then fled to a fence, where it hung until I went inside.

A Scaly Head
My first glimpse of the Jacky Dragon was a head and neck peeking out of the weeds.
As I bent over the lizard, I cast a shadow, triggering it to run for safety.
Jacky Dragon on the fence
The Jacky Dragon seemed content to hang upside down on the fence while I took photographs.
The skin of the Jacky Dragon is beautifully marked with soft grey, brown and bronze patterns.
Identifying Eardrum
One of the identifying features is a prominent eardrum.


My field guide tells me that Jacky Dragons breed in Spring and lay eggs which hatch between November and January.  So, perhaps I should be on the alert for small Jacky Dragons as I garden.   It’s a timely warning to watch out for snakes.  The previous owner mentioned seeing Copperhead snakes here, and they are poisonous.  Give me a Jacky Dragon any time!