Jacky Dragon in Bushland

I’ve photographed Jacky Dragons before, but each time they have been in our garden or in the house (courtesy of a cat, even with the cat netting), so it was lovely to see one in the bushland up the back, just minding its own business. I very nearly stood on this one because the Jacky Dragon defense mechanism is to … Continue reading Jacky Dragon in Bushland

Dragons in the Garden

Gardening in the hot Summer weather can spring a few surprises on those who are not paying attention… like the odd reptile sheltering in the weeds.  Luckily for me, it wasn’t a snake.  Also, fortunately, I had come across two Jacky Dragon’s previously – thanks to the cats – so I had already researched them, … Continue reading Dragons in the Garden

Jacky Dragon

Around Victoria today, the soaring heat made it impssible to do much outside.  It even seemed too hot for the cats to be bothered doing much, until Clio ran past us with something large dangling out of her mouth.  My first view of the Jacky Dragon was the underside of the tail and one leg … Continue reading Jacky Dragon