Something told me to get up early today, and I’m glad I did.  Our kangaroo family were back, with two young male kangaroos tagging along behind.   My guess is  the female kangaroo was in season, as there seemed to be a lot of jostling.  The two young males put on a good show right outside the study window, sparring several times. However, neither of them took on the dominant male.  In fact he seemed to be oblivious to all of the ruckus, instead focusing on the female and the joey.

The photos that follow just show a small part of the action, but enough to convey the larger picture.

Sizing things up
The joey is safely to the side, while the three males look at the grazing female.
Dominant Male
The dominant male moves off with the female and the joey, while our two young males watch.
More an energy release than a fight, these two young males take each other on, testing their strength.
The height factor
One of the males is slightly taller than the other, which seems to give it an advantage.
Both kangaroos were employing large kicks to gain advantage.
Flying kicks
At times, the action did seem to be more than just playing.
The contenders
After each bout of sparring, the two males seemed to be content to graze together.
Oblivious Family
Meanwhile our family seemed to be obvious to the fuss, with backs turned to the action. They were more worried about eating.