Battling a Reflection: Superb Fairy Wrens

This morning I noticed two Superb Fairy Wrens chattering right outside the window between the  deck and the dining room.  Repeatedly they would fly to perch on a gardening tool leaning on the glass to chatter and scold.  At first I thought it was me they were warning away.  Later in the day, with a friend, we worked out they could probably see their reflection in the glass.  Whatever the case, it gave me an opportunity to take some close-up photographs of these charming and ever-present birds.  I hope you will excuse the dirty window glass in these photographs.

Male Superb Fairy Wren
The dominant male Superb Fairy Wren sports blue and black feathers in the breeding season.
Female Superb Fairy Wren
The female Superb Fairy Wren, like many female birds, is more plainly coloured, but still very pretty.
The female Wren lets out a very loud trilling scold over an extended period, hopping from one foot to the other and intensely staring in through the glass. I’ve noticed that each time she scolds, her feathers seem to puff out and stand on end.
After she completes her scold, the feathers are pulled back into the body.
Immature Superb Fairy Wren
While the male and female Wrens were scolding the window, an immature Wren skipped along the deck pecking at stray insects or crumbs. Along with being fluffier, the young bird shows neither the red eye stripe of the female bird nor the blue markings of the male bird.
Checking in again
The male and female Wrens together, still being very vigilant.
Male Fairy Wren on Wheelbarrow
This photograph gives a view of the markings on the tail as well as the head.

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