Twining Glycine

Twining Glycine (Glycine clandestina)

This week’s addition to the A – Z Plant Species list is a purple pea-like flower.  The pea family of plants native to Australia is very large, and many species look pretty much the same.  Based on our location, the fact that the flower has white patches (not yellow) the longer hairy stem, and the notch in the curved standard petal, I am pretty sure this is a Twining Glycine. However, I am happy to be corrected!

We found these flowers growing in the lawn at the front of the house. Our Twining Glycine were very small, but the plant can grow to 2m high. Larger plants can have between 4 and 18 flowers arranged in racemes.

Twining Glycine
The stems on these flowers were no more than 15 cm high. If it is a Twining Glycine, the plant can grow to 2m high, with branching, multi-flowered stems.

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