Short Sun Orchid (Thelymitra exigua)

The centre of this Short Sun Orchid almost seems to have teeth shown in a gasp of horror!  It makes me smile because it is both beautiful and humorous in a charming way.  I like the way the colour in the lobes fades toward the centre of the flower. I would like to tell you more … Continue reading Short Sun Orchid (Thelymitra exigua)

Twining Glycine (Glycine clandestina)

This week’s addition to the A – Z Plant Species list is a purple pea-like flower.  The pea family of plants native to Australia is very large, and many species look pretty much the same.  Based on our location, the fact that the flower has white patches (not yellow) the longer hairy stem, and the … Continue reading Twining Glycine (Glycine clandestina)

Fringed beauty for a day

I can identify these beauties as a species of Fringe Lily, or Thysanotus. Most the guides I have looked at show them on graceful stems, or as a trailing climber, while our flowers seemed to be growing at ground level. When I took this photo, I intended to come back the next day and look … Continue reading Fringed beauty for a day