Two young Magpies have taken to using the bird feeder as a convenient platform while learning how to carol.  At the moment they produce a mix of squeaky or rasping twiddles and trills that are often grating to the ear, but over time they are developing some melodic notes.

I know when they mature their beautiful song will greet me each morning, and I can’t wait for that!

Caroling Platform
Taking position in the centre of the bird feeder, this young Magpie prepares to sing.
Not Quite Melodic
As it sings, the Magpie takes on different postures. This bird sang for at least an hour, with mostly rasping squeaks but I noticed some melodic notes creeping into the song. I think the caroling practice sessions will become much more enjoyable soon.
A Second Caroler
Wanting to get a close-up of the Magpie, I ventured a little too close, and it flew to the ground. Only then did I notice the second caroling Magpie. Seems like it was a duet.