From time to time I’ve mentioned the Kookaburra without a tail we often see around the house. We’ve affectionately dubbed it Kookie (we don’t know if it is a male or a female).  Here is a photo of Kookie on a foggy morning, sitting on the stump just next to our decking.

Kookie seems to like sitting on this stump in foggy or rainy weather. In the heat, a leafy tree is preferred.

Kookie has found a mate, and the two Kookaburras have returned to the trees near the house after an absence over the hotter Summer months.  We’ve also noticed that Kookie’s tail is starting to grow after a year without one. Our guess is that the bird was attacked just after molting last year, and had to wait  a year for the new feathers to grow.

The following photograph was taken in November, and shows that Kookie could fly very well, even without tail feathers.

Kookie Flying
Even without tail feathers, Kookie is graceful and able to fly very precisely.