I’ve placed a question mark in the title of this post because the bud is so small and it may prove to be something else.   However, from a little bit of research, I’m fairly confident that I’ve finally found a Helmet Orchid!  Looking at other photos on the Internet, I think I have enough information to say that it is a Slaty Helmet Orchid.  In our area, this species apparently continues to flower until September, so I hope to find many more over the next few months.

When the flower fully opens, it will resemble a helmet with the ‘mouth’ showing as rounded white interior, with purplish colours around the rim.

Hopefully these orchids are too small to attract Swamp Wallabies and I will get to see it in full flower to confirm the identification.  I’m very happy to hear from others who may be able to confirm or correct  the ID from the photograph below.

I’m fairy confident from the shape, thickness and colour of the bud that this is a Helmet Orchid.
There are very few photos of the Helmet Orchid but, but I did find a couple which resembled mine. They were both Slaty Helmet Orchids.