Eastern-yellow-robin-sitting-in-fork-of tree-insunshine
At last, I finally got to photograph one of those tiny birds which seem to taunt me from behind bushy leaves!

This Eastern Yellow Robin was one of the many birds enjoying the sunshine yesterday afternoon, following a very welcome rainy week.   Many times on my walks I can hear bird calls coming from behind bushy leaves. Rarely do I see many of these tiny ‘tweety’ birds, so I was so happy to photograph this one.

According to my field guide, Eastern Yellow Robins nest in colonies in forks of trees, up to 7m off the ground.  I reckon there were two or three other birds, at least, and this one came flying out of a fork in a tree… putting two and two together, possibly it was defending the nest by drawing my attention.

Eastern-yellow-robin-sitting-in-fork-of tree-inshadow
Along with the beautiful clear yellow feathers, this bird had a beautiful song.