Crimson Rosella Bathing

The top of the new water feature is an excellent spot to take a drink. It is high enough to be protected from cats and has a 360 degree view of the surrounds.

Crimson Rosella have claimed the water feature we placed in the middle of our new garden. They use it to bathe in each morning, and it has become their source of drinking water as well.

The water feature is the centre of a new garden we are  planting, just outside the study window.  We’ve chosen low growing native plants, aiming to have at least a couple of plants flowering in each month of the year.  So far I haven’t seen many honeyeaters (there isn’t much in flower yet) but the magpies and kookaburras also use the water feature. Like the Crimson Rosella, Magpies use it for bathing and drinking.  Kookaburra seem to like the height of the central tower, using it as a platform to spot skinks, insects and other tasty snacks.

I’ll post photographs of the Kookaburra and magpies separately.  Here are the Crimson Rosella bathing.  The photographs were taken through a glass window, and there are a couple of reflective spots in the early morning light.

The bottom of the water feature is quite deep so we have placed bricks and rocks in it for the birds to stand on. This sloping brick is a popular spot to enter the water.
The birds really enjoy their bath, splashing around for about five minutes. Usually there is one other bird acting as lookout.
Bath finished, the bird dries off at the top of the brick.
One Crimson Rosella leaves the water and the next one gets in. It seems bathing is a solo pursuit.

6 thoughts on “Crimson Rosella Bathing

    1. Thanks Jet – yes, I do love watching this morning ritual. It was amazing to see how quickly they adapted to the water being there. We emptied it once to clean it out, and they were still trying to bathe in a tiny bit of water in the corner!

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