The Latest Joey – 3 photos

At long last the newest Eastern Grey joey left the safety of its mother’s pouch in a spot close enough to photograph.  It was only momentary, and to our eyes, it looked like the joey might have fallen out while trying to hang too far out to eat grass.   This one is very active inside the pouch.  I have witnessed the female kangaroo standing stock still, while her pouch bounces up and down, side to side with legs, tail, head all poking out at various times.  The joey hangs upside down on occasion.  If it is this active inside the pouch, we can’t wait to see what it does when it leaves the pouch for a run around.

Here are a few photographs of mother and joey enjoying the early morning sunshine.

The pouch is a safe vantage point from which to survey the surrounds.
This joey is quite active in the pouch, often hanging so far out of the pouch, we wonder if he falls out. After a quick outing, it is back into the safety of the pouch.
I pity the female kangaroo sometimes as this joey seems to do acrobatics within the pouch. Here he is turning around so he can hand upside down.

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    1. Thanks Fabio – I’ve added two more photos in reply to another comment from macmsue above, I’m sure you’ll get a smile from them too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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