The deep pinks and reds are one of the identifying characteristics of the Ornate Pink Fingers.

It’s always a good feeling to add a new plant to the species list, but it’s especially rewarding when it is a new orchid species for our property. I’ve been puzzling over the various types of Pink Fingers orchids for quite some time now, each year trying to take photos that lend themselves to identification.  Finally it has paid off.

The botanical name for Ornate Pink Fingers is currently Caladenia ornata but with the reclassification of many Australian Terrestrial Orchid, it is also known as Petalochilus ornatus.  The identifying characteristics include the very deep pinks and reds, especially on the labellum and the dorsal sepal.  I must admit the bright pink is what caught my eye for this one…. and so far I have only seen one.

Hopefully this is the first of a few other Pink Fingers species identifications from our property because the photographs I have taken show quite a diversity in petal shape, column curves and colours.  I’m sure there is at least two more to pin down.