Ivy-leaf Violet

Ivy Leaf Violets, Sundews, Rice Flowers and Goodenias

As I wrote about last week, and as requested by Nature on the Edge here are some photographs of the smaller plants, such as Ivy Leaf Violets, Rice Flowers, Pale Sundews and Goodenias which seem to be flourishing this year, with the wet weather and prolonged cooler temperatures. We’ve had carpets of colour in the grass surrounding the house as well as up the back in the bushland.

I’m writing this when it is late (and I have to get up early) so this is just a taste!  More to come later on in the week.

2 thoughts on “Ivy Leaf Violets, Sundews, Rice Flowers and Goodenias

    1. Thanks Liz, I’ll post a few more images of the spring flowers towards the end of the week. Yes, there are variable heights on the Sundews. some almost up to my knees others just past the ankles. If I get a day that isn’t windy, I will take more descriptive photos so you can see the details.

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