Tigers, Tigers, Tigers!

When I posted the photograph of the Early Nancy flowers, I lamented the lack of spring flowers – in particular, the Waxlips and Pink Fingers. Well, two days after I posted, the flowers began to appear. However, it has been so wet and windy, the opportunities to get out with a camera have been limited.

Spring has truly sprung now, and to borrow a line “the grass is ‘ris” as well.  The whole property is looking green with dots of colour everywhere!  I’ve discovered that Rice Flowers, Ivy Leaf Violets and Pale Sundews, to name a few plants, really like the wet weather. I am finding them in so many more locations than in previous years. Sun Orchids with huge ripened buds are growing everywhere too – all we need is a warm day for them to bloom.  Well – another warm day. It was warm today but I was working.  I took a quick look around after work and there were a couple of orchids still open, but most of them had closed by that time of night.

I did notice the Tiger Orchids as I walked. They must like wet weather too as they are growing all around the property, many of them in clumps. What a joyful flower they are, floating over the tops of the grass stems looking like big buzzy bees, or poking out from behind the bracken fronds. Here are a few photographs to enjoy.

It’s a good year for Tiger Orchids.
The bright, cheerful Tiger Orchids are in flower now.

5 thoughts on “Tigers, Tigers, Tigers!

  1. Wonderful. I am so pleased to see them out for you. We have already had a show of them in Westernport. Delightful too see!

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