Disputed Habitat: Pacific Black Duck vs Australian Wood Duck

  This morning I awoke to a wonderful surprise, a Pacific Black Duck with approximately eight ducklings (it was difficult to count them from a distance).  I’d not noticed a nest, so I don’t know if they were breeding on our property or a neighboring one.  With such young fluffy ducklings, they had obviously walked … Continue reading Disputed Habitat: Pacific Black Duck vs Australian Wood Duck

Pair of Pacific Black Ducks

In mid-February we had a solitary Pacific Black Duck swimming around in the dam.  This was the only time we’d sighted one until this morning.  When I got up there were two Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, three Crimson Rosellas and two Pacific Black Duck searching for food in the grass near the house.  Just after I … Continue reading Pair of Pacific Black Ducks

Pacific Black Duck

Mid afternoon we noticed a different species of duck in the dam.  It turned out to be a Pacific Black Duck – actually brown in colour.  This species is pretty common around most of Australia, but as far as we know it is the first time it has visited us. We were pleased to see … Continue reading Pacific Black Duck