Fishing for Yabbies

These two White Faced Herons were fishing in the dam today.  We often wonder what lives beneath the surface of the water.  Not being fisher-person’s, we don’t really know the tell-tale signs, and we don’t own the right equipment to attempt to fish in it.  A photograph of one White-Faced Heron holding a yabby proves … Continue reading Fishing for Yabbies

Pacific Black Duck

Mid afternoon we noticed a different species of duck in the dam.  It turned out to be a Pacific Black Duck – actually brown in colour.  This species is pretty common around most of Australia, but as far as we know it is the first time it has visited us. We were pleased to see … Continue reading Pacific Black Duck

Waiting for the end of Summer

I’d imagined Summer would be a hive of activity, with new birds arriving for the water in the dam, flowers appearing everywhere, and an active planting season in the vegetable garden, but I’ve come to realise Summer is a time of waiting and watching. Waiting for the vegetables to grow, waiting for each high fire … Continue reading Waiting for the end of Summer

Jetty Buddies: Pied Cormorant and White Faced Heron

I was fascinated to see two very different water birds sitting side by side on the jetty.  A wader, the White Faced Heron has long yellow legs and a long sharp beak.  It’s feathers are fluffy as they are not immersed in the water when the bird fishes. In contrast, the Pied Cormorant has short … Continue reading Jetty Buddies: Pied Cormorant and White Faced Heron

White Faced Heron

A solitary White Faced Heron has appeared this week.  It waded around the edge of the dam, and seems to like feeding around the reeds growing in the water.  It doesn’t stay for long – sometimes only a matter of minutes, sometimes about an hour.  It is very elegant but rather shy – preferring to … Continue reading White Faced Heron