Pacific Black Duck

Pacific Black Duck

Pacific Black Duck and White Faced Heron
The White Faced Heron walked over to d the newly arrived Pacific Black Duck in a very territorial way.

Mid afternoon we noticed a different species of duck in the dam.  It turned out to be a Pacific Black Duck – actually brown in colour.  This species is pretty common around most of Australia, but as far as we know it is the first time it has visited us.

We were pleased to see our White Faced Heron return today, and  it took a keen interest in the Pacific Black Duck, walking slowly and deliberately directly toward it.  The duck seemed very shy and kept well away from me and my camera.   It has a small green patch on  part of the folded wing, and striking markings over the eye.


Pacific Black Duck
This photo shows the green marking on the wing, along with the face markings.




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