Four naughty cockatoos

The end of the painted parrot

When we bought our house, a colourful wind parrot adorned the near end of the jetty.  From the house, it looked almost realistic.  More than one person thought it was a real bird, and went down to investigate it.  In high winds the rotating wings gave the illusion of fluttering, and it was very cheery.   While we may not have chosen to put it up, we were happy to leave it be.

A few weeks ago, four naughty cockatoos ripped the wings and tail off our painted parrot.  It looked very forlorn an battered, so we took it down.  Here are the culprits.

Four naughty cockatoos
Four cockatoos ripped off our painted parrot’s wings and tail.
Cockatoos on the jetty
At the time I took these photos, I didn’t realise what the cockatoos were doing. It is unusual to see cockatoos sitting on the jetty. I thought “Wow! The cockatoos are on the jetty!” It was only later, when I saw the damage, that I realised what I had photographed.


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