I was fascinated to see two very different water birds sitting side by side on the jetty.  A wader, the White Faced Heron has long yellow legs and a long sharp beak.  It’s feathers are fluffy as they are not immersed in the water when the bird fishes. In contrast, the Pied Cormorant has short black legs with webbed feet, and oily short feathers, to keep the water away from the skin when it dives for fish.  Its yellow beak has a hook on the end, enabling it to grip the fish firmly.

These photos were taken late in the afternoon on a warm Summer day, and both birds seemed content to bask in the sun. The birds were wary of my presence, but as long as I appeared to be walking away from them, they tolerated me walking closer to the edge of the dam.  I managed to zig-zag my way close enough to the jetty to capture the colours of their plumage more clearly.