Rainclouds through the trees

Rainclouds through Sunshine

I’ve always been drawn to images which show a hillside, or a tree, in full sunlight with dark, threatening clouds in the background. There is something in the combination of bright green and thunderous grey that appeals to my sense of colour.  The vivid contrast of sunshine and darkness  is also a metaphor for life, and our experience in the world.  These photos were taken a few days ago, on the first weekend in Winter.  I had taken on a new project and was madly typing away on the computer, feeling under deadline pressure, and wanting to do a good job.

The sun shone in through the study window, and I glimpsed the sky behind the trees.  It was one of those moments I sat and reflected, absorbed the view, and relaxed… Then I took the camera outside to capture the full effect.  It was glorious!

Earlier that day, Richard had walked to the dam, and checked the rainfall total for May. Comparing this with the rainfall chart  the previous owners had left for us, we could see this year’s May rainfall was  half of last year’s May  rainfall total.  The next morning, the Bureau of Meteorology announced that the months from September to May were the driest in recorded history for Victoria.

So when those dark clouds rolled in, blotting out the sun, I rejoiced in the rain that came with them.  It rained all weekend, and my next few posts will be full of photos that I have taken this week – of fungi, flowers, and the landscape which is finally returning to a full green palate.

Rainclouds through the trees.
Rainclouds through the trees
Two eucalypts, in full sun, frame the view of the rainclouds.
Rainclouds through the trees
The centre of the photo is my favourite part of this image – where the bright green leaves meet the darkest part of the sky.

4 thoughts on “Rainclouds through Sunshine

  1. I think the contrast is also about mood and is almost like two worlds colliding? (one, sultry and enigmatic, the other foregrounded one clearly-defined, even hyper-real).

    1. Thanks Heather, I like the concept of one world being enigmatic. The sense of something emerging, which isn’t quite clear, but certainly about to happen. To bring it back to the concrete form, on the day, we were actually standing there, wondering, are we going to get that rain or is it going to go around us? It was mesmerising waiting to see what would eventuate. I stayed out there, taking photos of the tree bark, which was displaying all kinds of colours, and within minutes it was raining. That transitional moment, where the sun fades and the sky darkens, and the temperature begins to drop. It happens so quickly, and then it is difficult to imagine the sun was ever there.

      Tempting to write about this as a metaphor too, but I will leave that one for now! Maybe someone else can take up the reins here.. 🙂


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