Almost one month ago, I posted a photograph of a new pink joey’s face peeking out of an Eastern Grey Kangaroo pouch, with the promise of better  photographs to come.  Then the kangaroos disappeared for three and a bit weeks.  My guess is that the female sought out a more protected location for the first few occasions when the joey exited the pouch, but that’s only a guess.  I think she disappeared for about the same length of time when the first joey was about the same age.

The good news is that the kangaroos are back.  It’s still difficult to get a good clear photograph of the newcomer, but I can see that the pink face is now a furry face, and curious about the world.  The elder of the two joeys is still with his mother.  To avoid referring to both of them as “the joey” we’ve dubbed the elder one ‘Junior’ as he is entering his ratbag teenage phase.  The other morning he was chasing magpies around, and I’ve also seen him run up to his mother with mock boxing motions.  She just pushes him away.  I guess it won’t be long before he is made to leave them and become truly independent.

I’ve only had a chance to take a few photographs this week, as the ‘roo’s tend to arrive just on dusk and leave before it is fully light the next morning.  Here are the best  shots from the past week.

Mother Kangaroo
The adult female kangaroo is very skittish, and dashes off at the slightest disturbance. Most of the time I can see that her joey is about to come out, or has just snuggled back into the pouch.
A furry face
…but once or twice I’ve been lucky enough to see the joey peeking out to size up the world. So far I have not seen it outside the pouch, but there is physical evidence each morning that it has been out and about.
Junior, the elder of the two joeys, is growing fast. He is almost up to his mother’s shoulder in height now.
Evening Visit
Seen from a distance this evening, Junior looks very grown up. He’s the one on the left.
Behind the wire
When the kangaroos came near to the house tonight they were eating behind a wire fence. However, this was the best look at the new joey I’ve had yet. Sorry about the wire in the foreground.