A Better View: Southern Brown Tree Frog

The macro lens allows us a closer look at this tiny Southern Brown Tree Frog

I’ve photographed the Southern Brown Tree Frog before, once under some carpet we were using to clear weeds, and once clinging to the wire door at night to catch insects.  This one was in a new garden bed we were creating.  It’s interesting that they seem attracted to areas where there is human activity. I suppose the carpet and garden bed created moist environments, and the wire door was a convenient place to catch insects attracted by the light from inside the house.

While they can grow to 60mm in length, this Southern Brown Tree Frog was about the size of my thumbnail.  A tiny little frog!

Some identification marks include the brownish fawn colour, with the dark brown stripe leading up to the eyes. The pupil is horizontal and apparently breeding males have a light brown vocal sac, but I’m not sure what I’m looking for to pick this up.  Looking at the feet, the toes of Southern Brown Tree Frogs have toe pads and their feet are only ‘half webbed’. These features can be seen in the photographs below.

Viewed from the side, the grey underbelly can be glimpsed, along with length of the brown stripe over the eyes.
Viewed from above, the subtle variations in cream, fawn and brown can be seen clearly.


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