Southern Brown Tree Frog

Curious Frogs

Tonight while we were watching TV, we wondered what the cats were looking at outside the window.  Investigating further, we saw two small Southern Brown Tree Frogs clinging onto the wire door.  Maybe they were attracted to the lights, or maybe they were after the insects which were attracted to the lights.  Either way, we thought it was pretty unusual.  The light also attracted a very large moth, which I will attempt to identify over the next day or two.

Southern Brown Tree Frog
One of two Southern Brown Tree Frogs clinging to the bottom of our wire door.
Southern Brown Tree Frog
Whatever reason the frogs had to cling onto the door, they were not fazed by Luna investigating them from the opposite side of the wire.
Southern Brown Tree Frog
The flash on my camera caused both frogs to jump away from the door.
Large Moth
We’re not sure what species it is, but this moth was about five centimetres long in body.

3 thoughts on “Curious Frogs

    1. I haven’t really focussed a lot on moths – just the ones that happen to be visible near the house. One night I would like to put up the light with a white sheet outside, like they do in the documentaries, to see what other moths we have. Sometime in the Spring or Summer maybe….

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