Blunt Greenhood (Pterostylis curta)

We’ve had Blunt Greenhoods growing in reasonable numbers each year we’ve been living here, and I have photographed them each year.  For some reason, they haven’t yet featured in a post – until today! At the moment we have two small colonies of Blunt Greenhoods, with the prospect of finding more. They seem to be just … Continue reading Blunt Greenhood (Pterostylis curta)

Maroonhood (Pterostylis pedunculata)

It felt like a Spring day today, even though it is still Winter in Australia.  The sun was shining, the air was still, and all around me I could hear the calls of a myriad bird species.  Knowing I could probably have taken some good bird photographs if I had changed lenses, I stuck to … Continue reading Maroonhood (Pterostylis pedunculata)

Fully Open Helmet Orchids at last!

For those who are on the journey with me, here are some photographs of fully opened Helmet Orchids.  I’m not completely sure, but I think I may have photographed two different species of Helmet Orchid.  We certainly have the Slaty Helmet Orchid (Corybas incurvus) and looking at distinctions of colour, shape and curve,  I think we … Continue reading Fully Open Helmet Orchids at last!

Unfurling Helmet Orchid Flowers

As the Helmet Orchid buds swell, it is difficult to tell if they are flowering simply by looking at them.  The only way I can work this out  is to photograph them and look at the photos on the computer.  In the process,  I have captured the way the flowers open, which I’ve found utterly … Continue reading Unfurling Helmet Orchid Flowers

Slaty Helmet Orchid Bud (Corybas incurvus)?

I’ve placed a question mark in the title of this post because the bud is so small and it may prove to be something else.   However, from a little bit of research, I’m fairly confident that I’ve finally found a Helmet Orchid!  Looking at other photos on the Internet, I think I have enough information … Continue reading Slaty Helmet Orchid Bud (Corybas incurvus)?

Beginning to Emerge: Nodding Greenhoods

I can’t claim these are the first Nodding Greenhoods to appear this season – I saw others a few days ago which seem to have been eaten before I photographed them. I hope the Swamp Wallabies enjoyed the meal.   Nevertheless, it is fantastic to see the graceful flower heads rising up from the earth … Continue reading Beginning to Emerge: Nodding Greenhoods

Small Mosquito Orchid Part 2

Here is a photo gallery to more clearly show the Small Mosquito Orchid (Acianthus pusillus).  This follows an earlier post  “Small Mosquito-orchid or Tiny Gnat Orchid (Acianthus pusillus)”  and several useful photography tips from Mary McAvoy.  Thank you Mary! The plants in the photos below range from about 2 cm high (the leaf) to 5 or … Continue reading Small Mosquito Orchid Part 2

Is this a Helmet Orchid Bud?

I’m calling on my knowledgeable friends here.  Thanks to some extremely helpful advice from Mary McAvoy (see her blog here)  I was able to photograph this tiny orchid reasonably clearly.  I’m not sure, but I think it may be a Helmet Orchid.  Can anyone verify this? The leaves are the same size as the Small … Continue reading Is this a Helmet Orchid Bud?

Small Mosquito-orchid or Tiny Gnat Orchid (Acianthus pusillus)

We’ve been here for two Spring seasons now.  Each time, my friend BJ has told me we’re too late to see the Helmet Orchids.  She was able to identify some that had finished flowering, so I know they are here.  Yesterday I decided to get out my Orchid book and see when the Helmet Orchids … Continue reading Small Mosquito-orchid or Tiny Gnat Orchid (Acianthus pusillus)

Tiny Greenhood (Pterostylis parviflora)

Yesterday during a visit, a very sharp-eyed friend pointed to something that looked to me like a small blade of grass and said “Oh look!  A little Greenhood.”   The other Greenhoods we have had growing here seem to appear in late Winter, or early Spring, so I was a little doubtful, but took a … Continue reading Tiny Greenhood (Pterostylis parviflora)

Parson’s Bands (Eriochilus cucullatus)

The first Orchids of Autumn are beginning to emerge.  On my walk today I found four Parson’s Bands Orchids in different locations.  All were slightly off the beaten track, but not so far that I couldn’t see them while walking on a track.  All were growing beneath the shelter of a larger plant.  Two of … Continue reading Parson’s Bands (Eriochilus cucullatus)

Salmon Sun-orchid (Thelymitra rubra)

The emergence of the Salmon Sun-Orchids occurred in mid-October.  It  coincided with an illness, an awkward photographic position and low light, so I resolved to come back the next day and photograph them properly.  Unfortunately I didn’t make it back for two or three days. By the time I got back to look for them, … Continue reading Salmon Sun-orchid (Thelymitra rubra)

Slender Onion-orchid (Microtis parviflora)

In mid-December, when I bent down to look at a Pale Vanilla-Lily flower, I noticed these Slender Onion Orchid spikes nearby.  Thankfully my friend had alerted me to look for them, or I may have just passed them over. The flowers are so tiny that they don’t immediately catch the eye. Among the information I have … Continue reading Slender Onion-orchid (Microtis parviflora)

Western Bronzehood Orchid (Caladenia iridescens)

Commonly referred to as a Bronze Caladenia, this tiny orchid is difficult to spot.  It really blends into the background!   However, we were lucky enough to find a couple that were  flowering toward the end of October.  According to David L Jones “Native Orchids of Australia” the blooms only last  from  two to five … Continue reading Western Bronzehood Orchid (Caladenia iridescens)


Another intriguing Australian Terrestrial Orchid  was among the many flowers we found on a sunny day last week.  Richard initially saw a plant that seemed to have a differently shaped bud. We noted where it was growing and waited for our expert friend to visit. She identified that it would develop into a Duck-Orchid. Another … Continue reading Duck-Orchid

Tiger Orchid: Diuris sulphurea

We are lucky enough to have clumps of Tiger Orchids. These beautiful,  often large, flowers really attract attention with their bright yellows, browns and blacks. A ‘cousin’ of the Donkey Orchid, the Tiger Orchid shares the two large upright lobes.   We have Tiger Orchids in all of our main micro-climate zones.  They are growing … Continue reading Tiger Orchid: Diuris sulphurea

Spotted Sun Orchids (Thelymitra ixioides)

Over the last few weeks I have taken a swag of photos of Australian native flowers, including  more Australian Terrestrial Orchids.  Rather than post a gallery of them here, I’ll post them one by one, and build these posts into a plant index.  Today, I’m going to focus on the beautiful  Spotted Sun Orchids. Many … Continue reading Spotted Sun Orchids (Thelymitra ixioides)

Donkey Orchid (Diuris orientis)

These  Donkey Orchids were a cheerful addition to my daily walk.  We had a patch of around five or six plants in a three meter radius in a transitional position between dry bushland and a grassed area.   While they were not densely packed together, I found it interesting that they were all growing in … Continue reading Donkey Orchid (Diuris orientis)