Waiting for the end of Summer

I’d imagined Summer would be a hive of activity, with new birds arriving for the water in the dam, flowers appearing everywhere, and an active planting season in the vegetable garden, but I’ve come to realise Summer is a time of waiting and watching. Waiting for the vegetables to grow, waiting for each high fire … Continue reading Waiting for the end of Summer

Blackwing Currawong: race Melanoptera

Just before midday, I collected the mail and walked toward the dam to see if any birds were active.  Nothing moved.  A gentle breeze rustled through the trees, then ceased.  All was still.  Except I could still hear bark clattering high up in the tree.  Looking toward the sound, I noticed the black head of … Continue reading Blackwing Currawong: race Melanoptera

Australian Magpie – Race Hypoleuca

Magpies are so much a part of an Australian landscape, both in the city and in rural areas, that it is easy to look past them to more exotic species of birds. It would be very remiss of me to leave them out of my species list. I have always loved magpies. Their carolling voices … Continue reading Australian Magpie – Race Hypoleuca

Swamp Wallaby 2: Ornamental Plum Breakfast

Our bedroom window faces East.  Yesterday morning, I had to get up earlier than usual, and I was greeted by a brilliant terracotta coloured sky at sunrise.  I got the camera out, intending to capture this brilliant colour, opened the door onto our decking and came face to face with a Swamp Wallaby in the … Continue reading Swamp Wallaby 2: Ornamental Plum Breakfast

Laughing Kookaburra

Lately, a bedraggled Kookaburra has been sitting in trees near the house in the afternoon.  When we first spotted it, the bird’s tail feathers were completely missing, and it looked like it had been in some kind of skirmish.  Even now, with half-grown tail, it looks very scruffy compared with many beautiful Kookaburras I have … Continue reading Laughing Kookaburra

Black Kite

I was at the opposite end of the house to Richard when he called out ‘What’s that brown thing in the dam?”   Never too far from the camera, I caught a distant shot of a large bird, which we initially thought was a Wedge-Tailed Eagle.  This large bird of prey was taking a bath in … Continue reading Black Kite

The Fairy Wrens and the Cat Enclosure: A happy story

In an earlier post, I worried about disturbing the Superb Fairy Wren’s habitat in our back yard. I also worried about our cats killing the wrens if they were able to find a way into the newly constructed cat enclosure.  Most of all, I lamented that I would no longer see their cheery form hopping … Continue reading The Fairy Wrens and the Cat Enclosure: A happy story

Jacky Dragon

Around Victoria today, the soaring heat made it impssible to do much outside.  It even seemed too hot for the cats to be bothered doing much, until Clio ran past us with something large dangling out of her mouth.  My first view of the Jacky Dragon was the underside of the tail and one leg … Continue reading Jacky Dragon

Jetty Buddies: Pied Cormorant and White Faced Heron

I was fascinated to see two very different water birds sitting side by side on the jetty.  A wader, the White Faced Heron has long yellow legs and a long sharp beak.  It’s feathers are fluffy as they are not immersed in the water when the bird fishes. In contrast, the Pied Cormorant has short … Continue reading Jetty Buddies: Pied Cormorant and White Faced Heron

Swamp Wallaby

Our Christmas present this year is a photo of a  Swamp Wallaby! We’ve sighted a #kangaroo or wallaby from a distance twice before, and have seen scratchings in the ground, so we knew they were around.  However, like many Australian mamals, kangaroos and wallabies are nocturnal creatures.  We owe this photo to an early clock-radio … Continue reading Swamp Wallaby

Great Cormorant

We’ve had a few cormorants here before – the pied cormorant, and the little black cormorant – so when we saw this huge bird sitting on our jetty, we both exclaimed “What’s that!” and rushed for the Field Guide to Australian Birds.   Turns out this is the Great Cormorant which can grow up to … Continue reading Great Cormorant

Taunting Kookaburras: Photographing our environment

Every night, just when the light is too low to capture them on film, I hear kookaburras laughing in the trees.  It sounds like they are taunting me because try as I might, I simply can’t get a good photo of one.  During the day, the kookaburras call from neighbouring properties, or the opposite end … Continue reading Taunting Kookaburras: Photographing our environment

Yellow-Faced Honeyeater

As I stood in the kitchen chopping food for lunch, I noticed frantic flapping in the cat enclosure.  The trapped bird was a Yellow-Faced Honeyeater which must have come in through the lattice fence.  Small birds are able to hop through the squares created by the lattice which forms the side wall of the fernery. … Continue reading Yellow-Faced Honeyeater

The Ballet of the Australian Wood Ducks

After the hot weather we received last week came s few storms.  A dead tree was close enough to our house that, if was uprooted, it may crush the decking and lounge room, so we took preventative action and cut it down.  The Australian Wood Ducks seem to have adopted the trunk as a stage … Continue reading The Ballet of the Australian Wood Ducks

Superb Fairy Wren Nest

When Richard walked underneath the trellis arch at the front of the house, he noted baby bird tweets.  Careful inspection revealed a tiny Superb Fairy Wren nest Hidden in the bushy part of the climbing plant.  Adult wrens were protesting loudly, but we did not touch the nest itself. I had been thinking about repacing … Continue reading Superb Fairy Wren Nest