Battling a Reflection: Superb Fairy Wrens

This morning I noticed two Superb Fairy Wrens chattering right outside the window between the  deck and the dining room.  Repeatedly they would fly to perch on a gardening tool leaning on the glass to chatter and scold.  At first I thought it was me they were warning away.  Later in the day, with a … Continue reading Battling a Reflection: Superb Fairy Wrens

White-Throated Treecreeper

I’ve been so focused on finding Australian Terrestrial Orchids over Spring that I haven’t really been looking out for new bird species.  Yesterday, I was still hunting for flowers when a bird landed on a nearby tree. Its habit of climbing up and around the tree trunk looking for insects alerted me to the possibility … Continue reading White-Throated Treecreeper

Familiar Faces: Wildlife, Home, and Making Contact

The first thing I do when I get out of bed each day is look out the window to see ‘who’ is there.  We recognise individual birds and animals within a species because they  seem to have made their regular patch of turf the land outside our windows.  It is their home as much as … Continue reading Familiar Faces: Wildlife, Home, and Making Contact

Fishing for Yabbies

These two White Faced Herons were fishing in the dam today.  We often wonder what lives beneath the surface of the water.  Not being fisher-person’s, we don’t really know the tell-tale signs, and we don’t own the right equipment to attempt to fish in it.  A photograph of one White-Faced Heron holding a yabby proves … Continue reading Fishing for Yabbies

Cheeky Cockatoos!!

For the last week or so, this is what I have seen through my study window: Update: I just took these two photos, which I am adding to the post – even better than the one I originally used!   Now, back to the original post! Somehow, this Sulphur Crested Cockatoo has figured out that … Continue reading Cheeky Cockatoos!!

Magpie Breeding Season – Hold Onto Your Hat!

For the past six weeks or so, I haven’t been able to step outside the house without a sturdy hat.  Breeding magpies are very defensive, and they will dive-bomb anything they perceive to be a threat, including innocent humans. Unfortunately, their aggressive habits have driven off some of the other breeding birds, such as the … Continue reading Magpie Breeding Season – Hold Onto Your Hat!

And then there were nine…with apologies to Agatha Christie!

Last year, the pair of Australian Wood Ducks successfully raised eleven ducklings to maturity, and we were hoping they would be able to do the same for the twelve ducklings in this year’s brood.  The ducks frequently walk from wherever they nest  to the grass verge in front of the dam to forage, and this … Continue reading And then there were nine…with apologies to Agatha Christie!

Sparring Pacific Black Ducks

On Friday night we attended our first Field Naturalist meeting in Ballarat.  By asking myself the simple question, ‘What do we have on our land?’ I have discovered the pleasure of finding a bird or a plant, and classifying it. The Field Naturalists seemed a logical progression, but for various reasons  Friday was the first … Continue reading Sparring Pacific Black Ducks

Grey Shrike-Thrush (Colluricincla harmonica)

The Story: I’m amazed at how many new bird species we find inside the cat enclosure, which was designed to keep the cats in and the birds out.  Hmmm, it is obviously not working as well as it should. Yesterday, a pleasant lunch was interrupted by loud bird calls, and excited cat noises.  I went … Continue reading Grey Shrike-Thrush (Colluricincla harmonica)

A Taste of Honey – the Eastern Spinebill is back

Our new, larger, laundry window has proved useful in observing this honeyeater feed.  Last year, I photographed the Red Wattle Bird feeding on this cactus in flower, but the cat netting prevents the larger birds from coming into our back yard now.  Small birds, such as this Eastern Spinebill, sneak through the openings on the … Continue reading A Taste of Honey – the Eastern Spinebill is back

New Brood: Twelve Little Australian Wood Ducks

Spring truly is here. Our pair of Australian Wood Ducks brought their twelve young ducklings down to the dam for a swim.  This was our first glimpse of the new brood.  I’m sure in the months to come, we’ll get many more photo opportunities, so I’ll just start with this one photo.  

Birds in Spring: Nest Hunting

Two of the trees we can see from the house have hollows in the trunk – just about right for nesting birds. Over this first week of Spring, I’ve noticed a flurry of activity as pairs of birds try to find the perfect nest.  It reminds me of house hunting.  The birds will land close … Continue reading Birds in Spring: Nest Hunting

Surprising a Drying Darter

On this day, I was walking, deep in thought, when a harsh call snapped me back to reality.  I had come face to face with a bird that I thought was a cormorant.  I’m not sure which of us was most surprised. I’m so glad I had my camera with me, so I could photograph the … Continue reading Surprising a Drying Darter

I found a Striated Thornbill in the Fernery

If it had not been for the persistent, urgent chirping, I would not have noticed the Striated Thornbill in our fernery today.  It seemed to be giving an alarm call, as if I were intruding into its territory. The longer I watched it, the more exaggerated the flitting from one place to another appeared to … Continue reading I found a Striated Thornbill in the Fernery

Common Bronzewing Pigeons Return

A pair of Common Bronzewing Pigeons have started to turn up to the bird feeder each day.  Toward the end of Winter last year, we had a pair of bronzewings turn up occasionally, so perhaps it is the same two birds? This time, they’re not just showing up once or twice a day.  I come … Continue reading Common Bronzewing Pigeons Return

Kookaburra in Winter Sun

Finally, after many frustrating attempts, I have a good photograph of a kookaburra!  This one was sitting in the cool afternoon sun.  Last night our temperature approached zero degrees Celsius, and it was already very cool when I took this shot.

Scarlet Robin

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a photo of a bird to be added to the Species List.  Yesterday I saw two species I had not noticed here before, but I only managed to capture photographs of the Scarlet Robin.  The second sighting was a group of small birds which were probably Red-Browed Finch, … Continue reading Scarlet Robin

An Assortment of Cormorants

We have cormorants drop in to fish in the dam every now and again.   Mostly, they come on their own, but sometimes they bring a friend or two.  In the months leading up to Christmas, I was much more drawn to the herons, ducks, and more exotic species of bird, paying little attention to the … Continue reading An Assortment of Cormorants

White-Eared Honeyeater

Yesterday, you caught a glimpse of the White-Eared Honeyeater in My Morning Walk and I promised you more photos today.  Here they are! We’ve been catching glimpses of this species ever since we moved in, but they are fast, and tend to spend their time in denser trees. This makes them hard to photograph. On … Continue reading White-Eared Honeyeater

Spotted Pardalote

Our cats were running up and down the back yard today, in the cat enclosure, making enthusiastic noises about something fluttering just under the netting.  It turned out to be this beautiful Spotted Pardalote, which had found its way into the cat enclosure through the holes in the lattice fence.   Don’t worry, no damage was … Continue reading Spotted Pardalote

Breeding Australasian Grebes?

In my last post about the Australasian Grebes, I left you trying to spot two white fluffy bottoms hidden among the reeds.  This time, I managed to get better photos – as it turns out, inadvertently.  I was actually trying to photograph the small birds in the eucalypts and acacias surrounding the dam.  As soon … Continue reading Breeding Australasian Grebes?

One Magpie v. More than Twenty Ducks

This is a sight I have often seen, but never before with camera in hand!  Finally, I have captured it to share with you. A pair of magpies lives in a tree near the house, spending much of the day on the lawn leading down to the dam.  One of these magpies is particularly territorial, … Continue reading One Magpie v. More than Twenty Ducks

Return of the Australian Wood Duck!

After what seems like a long absence, we are beginning to see Australian Wood Duck again.  The family of thirteen has not returned as a group – maybe because the ducklings are making their own way in the world. Or perhaps  (horrendous thought) because of duck season.  Maybe some of the ducks have found new … Continue reading Return of the Australian Wood Duck!

Australasian Grebe

One morning, a fast-moving ripple on the dam attracted my attention.  Getting out the binoculars, I could see a small water bird madly swimming back and forth, as though its life depended on racing from one spot to another.  Every now and again it would dive beneath the surface, then swim madly off in another … Continue reading Australasian Grebe